If you're looking to save a little hard-earned cash and find a new Watch that better fits your budget, check out MyFoxDean collection of refurbished watches (including refurbished smartwatches and refurbished hybrid watches).


Why Buy Refurbished

Anybody looking to purchase a quality watch should consider buying Refurbished. If you're not sure why buying Refurbished is such a good idea, or have some reservations about buying Refurbished, then the following information should help you decide, and may even save you a lot of money.

Refurbished Watches Cost Less

The biggest hit of depreciation is during the transition from new to Refurbished. Many Refurbished watches will settle in price after this and depreciation will slow considerably, and some even increase in value through the chain reaction of price increases on new models, desirability and rarity.

There Are More Refurbished Watches To Choose From

The watch you coveted as a teenager, or even the one that has just been replaced by a newer model; these discontinued watches are available Refurbished. Choose the watch you want, from the manufacturer you want, all in one place.

Depreciation Can Be Used To Your Advantage

Some manufacturers depreciate much more than others from new to Refurbished—not good news if you bought new, but when buying Refurbished it opens up opportunities to afford far more exotic pieces than you would have otherwise expected. It also means you can consider the piece you really want without being put off by inherent high depreciation.

Buying Refurbished Means Selling Refurbished

Depreciation after the transition to Refurbished is much more gradual than from new, and in some cases nil or even appreciating. This means that if something else takes your fancy, selling the piece will not have the same sting on your bank-balance as it would from new, leaving you in a better position to get what you want.

Why buy from MyFoxDean?

Buying Refurbished can be a daunting experience, so we have set the standard for quality and peace of mind when it comes to acquiring your dream timepiece. Buying Refurbished should not taint your purchasing experience, in fact, it should make it better. Here's why:

Buy With Confidence

Everything we have listed has been fully authenticated by our team of experts, with any ambiguities clarified by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer has a lost and stolen record, the watches are checked against it to make sure they have a clean history.

Unparalleled Quality

All our watches are in the best possible condition both internally and externally. The watch you see on our site is the watch you get, so you can see just how good the condition is from the high-resolution images we provide for each item. If you buy from the site and don't like what you receive, you can send it back within 7-days for a full refund.

Shop In Comfort

You can visit us in person or you can browse our shops online. Our catalogue search will get you to the watch you want quickly and easily, will give you information and articles about the watch you are looking at, and will also suggest other watches you may not have considered, all at your own convenience.

Peace Of Mind Ownership

The experience doesn't end once you receive the watch. Every item we sell is covered by a 12-month comprehensive MyfoxDean warranty in addition to any remaining manufacturer's warranty to protect you if it goes wrong.

The MyFoxDean Process

When a watch arrives at our offices, it goes through a stringent process before we can consider it ready for sale. Although the process will vary from watch to watch depending on its needs, the basic journey remains the same:

  • The watch arrives and is scanned into our logging system. This keeps track of where the watch is in the building at all times.
  • The data team check the watch to make sure that it is genuine and not stolen, cross-referencing the serial number with technical documents and manufacturer records.
  • It is then handed over to our servicing team who undertake a thorough inspection of the watch's water resistance, accuracy, functionality and condition to determine the work required.
  • Depending on the type of watch and the level of servicing needed, it will be either sent to the manufacturer or will be serviced in-house.
  • Once the mechanicals have been checked and had any necessary work completed, the watch will then be refinished if required. This work is done by our in-house servicing team.
  • The next step is the photography, capturing high resolution images to give the watch the best possible representation on our website.
  • Once this is complete, the watch is stored securely, ready to be bought and sent out to its new owner.

Refurbished watches have brand warranty for Machinery. However, there is no Water resistance warranty or water proof warranty. We request you to keep the watches away from water.